Side Hustle Success 101 - Live Webinar

Side Hustle Success 101 - Live Webinar

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This LIVE webinar will be hosted twice a month by the creator of The Side Hustle Journal, Ryan Helms. Join him and expedite the process of getting your side hustle set up. Below are some of the topics we will cover. After this webinar is completed you will have everything you need to launch your side hustle quickly. The first hour of the webinar will cover the below topics then the last 30 minutes will consist of question and answers from the attendees. If this last longer than 30 minutes that's fine, I just want to make sure everyone gets their questions answered.

You've probably heard "we all have the same 24 hours in a day" before. While this is true, not everyone has the same amount of free time in those 24 hours. Because of that, it is important that you waste as little time as possible getting your side hustle operating. In this part of the webinar, we will go through how to focus on creating a minimal viable product (MVP) version of your hustle. This is will allow you to validate that you have an offering that people are actually interested in. This process applies to whatever you are trying to do - blog, physical product, service business, or information products. I will give you the blueprint for setting up your side hustle quick and then validate that it is an idea worth investing more time on. 

Since you don't have a lot of free time to work on your side hustle, the most important thing that will determine if you have side hustle success or not is the systems you have in place. Staying focused and constantly making forward progress is determined by the systems you have in place throughout your life. I'm not just talking about systems within your side hustle, this is in all aspects of your life. You will learn all of my secrets to hacking your schedule, finding a balance between life, career, and hustle, and developing sustainable routines. These are the same systems that have allowed me to launch (2) successful side hustles in 8 months all while excelling in my career. Your career or day job is what is funding your side hustle so you need to make sure you are at peak performance there as well. In addition to optimizing your life, I will share how I get the most out of The Side Hustle Journal and give you a list of the best digital tools that will also increase your efficiency in your career and side hustle. 

If there is anything that gets overlooked the most, it is the amount of time an effort that is required to making your side hustle legal with federal, state, and city governments. Good news for you, in this live webinar I'll give you a step-by-step guide to making this a quick and painless process. The first time I set up a side hustle, it took me weeks to track down all of the information I needed. I searched Google for hours to try and determine what I needed to for the Federal government, then several more hours trying to figure out what I needed for the state government, then I didn't realize I also needed a few things for the city government until I wasted a few trips to my local state office and they were asking for certain documents. I'll save you all the headaches, running around town, and searching Google for days in this webinar. 





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