How to Get The Most Out of The Side Hustle Journal

You are not alone, everyone is living a busy life these days. Do more with less and get results instantly - this is the world we live in nowadays. With these expectations, how can you be expected to grow a side hustle and still manage all the other aspects of life? 

If you want to start a side hustle that sets you free, you must figure out how to maximize every minute of the day. 

I created The Side Hustle Journal to do exactly that. The backbone of the journal is The Molehill System. You know the saying, don't make a mountain out of a molehill. After talking to tons of people with desires of starting a side hustle, it became VERY apparent that the reason most people never even start is that they only see the mountain of work in front of them and cannot imagine themselves at the peak. What The Molehill System does is break down that mountain into very small, manageable molehills - or daily micro goals. The below videos will breakdown all the different Molehill System aspects so that you can get the most out of The Side Hustle Journal.

If you haven't already picked up a copy, then you can do that here.

The first thing you do in The Side Hustle Journal is determine your "why" for starting a side hustle. This means exploring the underlying reason for beginning this adventure. Click the video below to hear more about your "why".

Once you have defined your "why" you are ready to move onto the next section, so flip the page and let's start pulling some great ideas out of your head. In this section, you will go through a list of questions that will prompt you to think and dig deep. This section is NOT meant to be completed quickly. You need to take time to sit and ponder on these questions. If you are asked to reach out to others for feedback, then do it. Only move onto the next question when you have the previous question filled out. After you watch this video, then you need to read this short blog post.

If you purchased The Side Hustle Journal with an idea already in mind then you probably already knew your Ultimate Goal. It was likely to start and grow that idea. When I first decided to create The Side Hustle Journal, my Ultimate Goal was to launch it by November 1st. I set this date publically on a podcast so there was no way I was not going to accomplish it. Your Ultimate Goal could also be something like a financial goal. Whatever you decide, everything that comes after defining this goal will all be aligned with this new mission. 


Milestones are the pillars that hold the house up. Without them, you will wander aimlessly in the side hustle badlands. You don't want to go there, it is not a fun place, in fact, it's the place dreams go to die. Your Milestones will be very specific goals that have clear indicators of success. 

Review and plan. This is the core of the Weekly section. You will step back and review your progress of the previous week. The main thing you are looking for here is, what went well and what did not go well. As you will see when you look at the daily section of the journal, each day has a section (bottom right) to rate how your day went. You will look at each day in the previous week and find the highest rated day and the lowest. You will evaluate what went well and what didn't in those days. In addition, you will set your Weekly Goals for the next 7 days. These goals will be directly aligned with your Milestones.

The Daily section. Before The Side Hustle Journal ever existed I was using a VERY rough draft of the Daily section to guide me through busy days of a demanding career and starting a fitness blog. It helped me get promotions, grow a blog that landed clients and get into great physical shape. The current version of the Daily section will guide you from the time you wake up until your head hits the pillow at night. This structure will ensure you maxmize your time and expedite the process of getting your side hustle up and running. 


Now it is time to get started. Get to hustling my friends and remember, grit and hustle makes luck.

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