Looking at the Mountain

Far too often people see the finish line and it looks so damn far away and it scares them so much that they never move forward with their idea. The idea that could have been your gateway to traveling the world, being your own boss, doubling your income, or simply spending more time with your family.

The backbone of The Side Hustle Journal is a simple, yet profound concept known as The Molehill System™. You may be asking, what the hell is The Molehill System™?

Have you ever heard of the financial principle of compounding interest, where, by investing a little bit of money it can grow into a substantial amount over a period of time? This is a similar concept to The Molehill System™, where, through 3 micro goals each day you can accomplish 3 larger weekly goals. Those weekly goals are aligned with 3 milestone goals that you set in the beginning of setting up your Molehill System.

An Overview of The Molehill System™

Your "Why"

There has to be a reason that you want to create a side hustle.

You purchased this journal to help you achieve a goal, develop another income stream or jumpstart a life change. The desire to start that side hustle originated from somewhere.

This is your WHY.

The Ultimate Goal

This is the mountain that you will conquer, whether it be launching a product, building a service-based business, or anything else.


These are the 3 most important parts of your Ultimate Goal and must be well defined. Without completing them, your goal will not be able to be reached. 

Weekly Goals

These are short 7 day sprints which have a high likelihood of completion and each one is directly aligned with your Milestones.

Daily Micro Goals

These are small daily steps towards your weekly goal. You will define these each day and ensure they are completed. 

Consistency pays off with this compounding approach, and that is where The Side Hustle Journal excels. These 3 simple task each day will, without a doubt, get you to your Ultimate Goal when they are consistently done.

So don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Take it day by day, molehill by molehill, until you are at the top of your mountain.