Why do you want a side hustle?

Determining why you want to start a side hustle is the most important part of the entire process. 

People all over the world are starting side hustles every single day and the overwhelming majority fail. Some drag out for months, but most dissolve in just weeks. The reason for this is because, it is not easy! Since it is a side hustle, you will be forced to take on task and activities that you have no experience or expertise in. With that comes obstacles and roadblocks that most never get around. 

The reason they do not get around those roadblocks and continue moving forward is because they never determined their "why" for starting the side hustle.

Before we start on how to determine your ‘Why’, let’s first talk about what isn’t your ‘Why’

Your 'why' isn’t the tangible thing you are chasing.

It isn’t the six figure bank account

It isn’t a fancy car

I wouldn’t even say that it is to travel, even though on the surface it may seem that is what mine was.

Your 'why' comes from a deeper place.

It is the intangible reason you are choosing to add a side hustle into your already busy life. For some it will be on the surface and you are ready to, or already moving towards it. For some the 'why' resides in a place that doesn’t show itself without some poking and prodding.

It is important to take your time defining this because it is what will keep you going when things get tough because building a side hustle will be not easy. Some people may make it out to be a quick and guaranteed process but the truth is, it's not. You will certainly hit those roadblocks - some small, some huge - and you need a deep personal connection to why you are doing what you are doing.

For me, the 'why' became extremely apparent after my trip to Africa. When I was on the plane headed back home I knew I had to figure out how to replicate that trip many more times. I was nervous because I didn't have any idea of the right path to take - I didn't have a tool like The Side Hustle Journal.

So when I got home I took out some paper and started to better define my 'why'. I wanted it to be short, concise statement that would resonate with me and always be in the back of my mind.

My 'why' for starting a side hustle became: 

I want to reach full financial freedom so that I can travel the world on my terms.

This certainly isn’t for everyone though.

Your’s might be to gain financial freedom so you don’t have debt hanging over your head and you can make choices in life and not have your debt dictate how you live.

It could be to quit your corporate job that has you working crazy hours and traveling a ton so that you can spend more time with the family.

To help determine your 'why' - think about something that you desire deeply.

Often this will be something that causes you anxiety because you want it so bad.

When I was on the way back from my trip, I got this anxiety because I knew that if I wanted to travel the world I had to do get myself in a better financial position. The $30,000 in debt I had with little extra income each month wouldn't facilitate living a life of freedom and travel. The answer I provided above was helped me through many roadblocks, late nights, difficult conversations, and shaped my responses to several opportunities in life.

So open your copy of The Side Hustle Journal and complete the question:

I want to _________ so that __________.

Throughout your journey using The Side Hustle Journal, we will revisit this statement many times so that you are constantly reminded of why you started on this journey. There will be times when you passively read it and shake your head and then there will be other times when you read it at just the right time and gives you the extra nudge to keep going.

Don’t ever forget your WHY!

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