Time Management for your Side Hustle

Nowadays people are asked to do more with less. More work with less time, more expenses with less pay, more responsibility with less support. So, with such a strain on our time, how could we possibly grow a side hustle?

This was a question I would ask myself when I decided to start a side hustle but was insanely busy with work. I had projects that seemed to be moving at lightning speed and I was traveling all over the world to support them. Needless to say, it was perfect timing.

One of the benefits of the corporate world is that you are forced to learn how to systematize things. If you talk to an entrepreneur that was never worked in the corporate world, you will find that they often struggle with systemizing their business. Systems happen to be an area I specialize in. I knew that if I wanted to have any chance of being successful with my side hustle, then I would have to create a bulletproof system that encompassed my ENTIRE life.

I spent a few weeks, developing and refining a system that would guide me from the moment I woke up until the time my head hit the pillow at night. First, I sketched it out on my iPad then created an early version in Google Sheets.

After several versions, it started to become very apparent what actually made me the most productive throughout the day and utilize my time the best.

The key aspects that I identified and included were:

Create a morning routine

  • List the top 4 things you need to get accomplished in morning before leaving for your day job. Mine usually involves meditation and some type of exercise plus a few varying things.

  • Write down one thing that you are grateful for

  • Brainstorm one idea for your side hustle. I normally do this throughout my morning routine.

Outline what you need to accomplish at your day job

  • Write down when you will leave work. This helped me tremendously and prevented me hanging at the office longer than I TRULY needed to.  

  • Break the day into halves and write down what you need to get accomplished in each half.

  • Recognize what went well. There is a small victory each day when you look for it.

Keep your side hustle goals small

  • Start each side hustle session by doing a quick <5 minute task and write it down

  • Note how many consecutive days you’ve worked on your hustle. Momentum is powerful as hell.

  • Write down between one and three micro goals (molehills) that can be completed in the time you have available. Make sure they are aligned with your weekly goals.

Create a nightly routine

  • Write down 3 things that you should do to close out the day. For me, I usually end up writing down the same thing each day. Stretch, Read for 10 minutes, Write down my morning routine for the next day. This is like a signal to my brain that it is time to sleep.

  • Finally, before I cut off the lights, I rate my day in 3 areas (accomplishment, mind, body) on a scale of 1-3 then total them to get an idea of how my day was.

Once I had it refined and tested with others, I began the process to bring The Side Hustle Journal to life. Now, the system within The Side Hustle Journal is something over 1,000 people are using to manage their life, career, and side hustle.


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