Messenger Bots to Grow Your Side Hustle

One of the big realizations I had when launching my side hustle is that it does not matter how cool your idea or product is if no one sees it. If you can't figure out the marketing, your idea will have no users or your product will sit on the shelf. In 2018, one of the biggest marketing opportunities is Messenger Bots. The video below will go into more detail on how I use ManyChat to get people engaged with your ad and build a subscriber list on Facebook - completely automated.

Marketing is the most important aspect of your business and the tactics to get people from just being aware of your offer to purchasing can be challenging for beginners and people with a lot of experience. 

Take a look at the sales funnel below. This illustrates how people will interact with your offer. From top to bottom, they become more intimate with your offer until finally, they pull out their credit card and purchase. At each stage in the funnel, there are different tactics that must be used to keep people engaged moving through your funnel.


One of the tactics that you MUST use in 2018 and beyond is Messenger Bots. 

So what is a Messenger Bot?

Think of it as a Front Desk Attendant for your business website, Facebook page, or Facebook Ad.

This attendant will act exactly as you instruct them an delivery responses to your audience based on specific actions they have taken. In your funnel, this will primarily happen in the Awareness and Interest sections. 

In the above video, we will focus on how you can take someone from Awareness to Interest and beyond - completely automated. 

What you will need to execute on this strategy:

- Facebook Business page

- Facebook Ads account

- ManyChat account

- A few $$ to run the ad. (less than $20)

If you have any questions about the process, you can sign up for our Facebook Marketing course which covers all the basics plus a few specialty tricks such as ManyChat. Send an email to with the subject Facebook Ad Course.


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