Your Life Performance Report for 2018

The best time to set goals and establish a plan is at the new year. The second best time is today.

If you are reading this around the time it published, then happy 2018. If you are reading it later, it doesn’t matter. The content I will share here is evergreen and can be utilized to maximize your life at any time.

About a week ago I was listening to a podcast and the host was describing how, for the past several years, he has outlined his high-level life goals to optimize and maximize this year. When he started going through his process for outlining his goals and reviewing the progress, I knew this was something I had to implement as well.

You see, The Side Hustle Journal does a GREAT job at setting side hustle specific goals and expediting the time it takes to accomplish them, but a high-level life tracker, that you review infrequently, is a gap that I needed to close. This concept will seem very similar if you work in a corporate environment (or possibly a small company too). It likely will be in line with your mid-year and annual review process, but a lot less painful.

This document I created, I ended up calling a Life Performance Report, or LPR for short.

It is meant to allow you to set and track 5 key areas of life: Mental Health, Physical Health, Finances, Day Job, and your Side Hustle.

Each one of these areas will have between 1-3 goals that are reviewed each quarter - or 4 times per year. These check-ins are meant to check your progress, confirm you are on the right path or adjust your course where needed. For each check-in, you would just review your goal statement, along with the deadline, and check that you are setting yourself up for success. Although you should try not to change your goals (unless you are making them bigger), this would be the time to do it if needed.

In addition to the goal tracking, you will develop a vision statement to act as the guide for your year. You can think of this as setting the mood for the year ahead. My vision statement looks like this: On January 1, 2019, my life will be different than it is today because: I will have grown my side hustle and put myself in a position financially that will allow 2019 to be the year I take a sabbatical and travel. Choose something that will motivate you each time you return to the document. If you are using The Side Hustle Journal, then this may be your “Why”.

Since this is not a document that is meant to be reviewed each week, I set myself calendar reminders on each of my quarterly reviews. This ensures time is blocked out on my calendar and I have no excuse not to do it. I will be setting 3 hours aside to really approach it with a clear and open mind.

I have created this on a spreadsheet that you can use, all you need to do is click Here to make a copy.

Also, if you want to follow along for my journey this year, you can check out my 2018 LPR HERE.

Instructions for using the file:

  1. Click Here (or the link shown above)

  2. Click “Make a Copy”. This will make a copy of the document for your own use, which no one else can see

  3. Review the “Example” tab to see how it should be filled out - or review my personal LPR, which is linked above.

  4. Complete your LPR on the “Your 2018 LPR” tab.

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