15 No B.S. Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start Today With Little/No Money

Sometimes you are not trying to build an empire, you just need a side hustle to make a little extra money on the side. This is often just a stop-gap until you can launch the side hustle of your dreams. The below list will help you start making money quick and with little or no investment. 

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What is it? Task Gigs

What do I have to do? If you happen to be handy around the house you could pick some extra pocket money by helping others with miscellaneous task around the house. This can everything from putting together IKEA furniture to fixing a sink.

How much money can I make? It is dependant on the complexity of the job. Services like TaskRabbit, get a 30% cut of whatever the job pays. So if the job is for $100, then you will get $70. Also remember to factor in travel time, gas, tools required, and any permits if doing home improvement stuff. If you are a beginner, you may want to stick to basic task such as hanging a picture or putting together some furniture.

How do I get started? You can start by downloading the TaskRabbit app or visiting Zaarly.


What is it? Retail Arbitrage

What do I have to do? The name of the game is to buy low and sell high. The concept is simple, walk into a store, such as Wal-Mart or Target and find items that are marked down or on clearance. Check to see how much they are selling on platforms such as eBay and Amazon. Find items that are selling for higher than you can buy them for. Pro tip: don’t forget to factor in how much it will cost you to ship that item to the customer. Will you cover shipping or have them cover it?

How much money can I make? There are a lot of people making a lot of money doing this. A man that goes by Reezy Resells has made a career out of reselling books.

How do I get started? Go to your local Goodwill and find books that are selling well on Amazon. Go to your local retail store and find things, such as toys, that are marked down or clearance.


What is it? Freelancing

What do I have to do? The question here is, what are you good at? Chances are, there is someone else that is very bad at that exact thing and they would pay you to do it. You can sign up for a site such as Fiverr or Upwork and create a profile listing what you are good at.

How much money can I make? It depends on how in-demand your skill(s) are. While I was looking through Upwork to find someone that could do some basic coding for me, I found a guy, who looked like a young kid, in India, who had made over $200,000 that year. Insane. Personally, I’ve paid people to do proofreading, video intros, graphic design, and photoshop work.

How do I get started? Head over to Fiverr or Upwork to create a profile and start bidding on jobs today!


What is it? Virtual Assistant

What do I have to do? There are a lot of busy people in the world. Many of them will pay someone to handle the less important task in their life or business. The task can vary greatly and can include but is not limited to,  customer service work, personal online errands, data entry, social media management, etc.

How much money can I make? Most arrangements will be on an hourly basis and you can expect around $15 per hour. Unless the contract specifies, you are not limited to a single client though. You could have 4 clients paying you $15 per hour and turn it into a good business. A good virtual assistant is some who is honest, personable, professional, and organized.

How do I get started? There are plenty of platforms but you could start with Belay or RedButler. If you want to learn more, you should check out The VA Handbook.


What is it? Rideshare Driver

What do I have to do? All you are doing is taking someone from point A to point B in your car. It is really as simple as that.

How much money can I make? You can expect upwards of $20 an hour after expenses (gas). Pro tip: Keep a small portion of the income in a savings account for vehicle maintenance.

How do I get started? You can join Uber or Lyft by completing an application on their site. There are certain requirements such as the year of your car, driving record, and criminal record. If you meet all the requirements, then you should be up and be running in a week.


What is it? On-Demand Delivery Services

What do I have to do? These are all platforms devoted to picking items up from restaurants, grocery stores, and retail stores and delivering them to the people who ordered. You are the delivery person.

How much money can I make? It will vary depending on how much you work but several claims state that you can make between $20-25 per hour. Pro tip: Consider the price of gas and maintenance on your vehicle.

How do I get started? Head over to PostMates, Uber, and DoorDash to sign up as a driver.


What is it? Online Education

What do I have to do? Is there anything that you are better than average at? I read a study a few weeks back that said the world is 70% computer illiterate. Chances are if you are reading this you are NOT in that figure, so could you teach someone how to use computers? How about specific types of computers like iPad’s, Macs, or Pixel Books. How about specific programs such as Excel or Adobe InDesign. The opportunities for teaching are endless and you don’t need to be an expert, you just need to be a little better than those you are teaching.

How much money can I make? Pick your price. There are courses that for $9.99 and then there are courses that sell for $4,999.99. The more you know about a niche, the more you can charge. Also, the more established your name becomes as in expert in that niche, the more you can charge.

How do I get started? Again, there are a lot of platforms that you can build your online educational course on. You may want to start by checking out Udemy, Teachable, or Skillshare. You would need to outline the structure for what you want to teach, record it, and then upload it on one of those platforms. Pro tip: People are not going to just find it, so you will need to either put on your marketing hat or pay someone to market it to.


What is it? Teaching English

What do I have to do? English is spoken all around the world. At this point, I’ve visited 12 countries and I have never had trouble with finding people that speak English. That doesn’t mean there aren’t millions and millions of people that don’t know it or want to know it better. You would be educating someone either in-person, online, or you travel there.

How much money can I make? Local rates will depend on the transient nature of your city. If you decide to go abroad to China, then as a Private tutor — between 200-350RMB hourly, Public schools — between 10,000-13,000RMB monthly, Language institutes — between 10,000-13000RMB monthly, Universities — between 5,000-8,000RMB monthly, International schools — between 17,000-20,000RMB monthly (taken from GoAbroad)

How do I get started? You can post an ad in a local source such as Craigslist if you want to stay local. (this will likely only be an option if you live in a city) If local isn’t an option for you, online video lessons are becoming more popular with services such as Preply to find people actively seeking tutors. If you are looking to take your teaching skills abroad, you should check out TeachAway. Although it will help, you do not need a college education to teach abroad. If you want more information on teaching somewhere like China, then head over to GoAbroad and read more on it.


What is it? Donate Body Fluids

What do I have to do? If you really need some pocket change then you could donate blood plasma or sperm/ eggs at a local center.

How much money can I make? If you are a male that doesn’t smoke or do drugs, in relatively good health, and above 5’9”, then you could make up to $1,500 per month. Note that there are usually minimum commitments such as “x” times per month. For women that meet the requirements, you can earn upwards of $8,000 for donating your eggs. If you want something a little more common and something that can have a huge impact, then you should try donating blood plasma. You can make around $300 per month if donating regularly.

How do I get started? Go to your local sperm bank or blood center and sign up. If you want to donate blood plasma you can start by visiting this site.


What is it? Editing and Proofreading

What do I have to do? Read and edit someone's written submission for errors and formatting.

How much money can I make? Depending on your credentials you can make $25-50 per hour or you could also charge by the number of words on a document. Here are some of the going rates on Upwork.

How do I get started? Sign up for a service such as Upwork or Fiverr and build a profile. Pro tip: If you do not have solid credentials to support you, then you should offer your services for very cheap or free in the beginning to gain some positive testimonials.


What is it? On-Demand T-Shirt Printing

What do I have to do? All you need to be is creative, or have a little money to pay someone on Fiverr to create some designs for you. You will need a platform such as Shopify to sell your t-shirts on. Once you have that setup, then you can connect the free PrintFul app within your store. They will handle all the printing and shipping for you. You never even have to keep any inventory or see the shirts. I use them for my shirts and I have nothing but good things to say.

How much money can I make? If you create good designs that people like, you can make a ton. I have a friend making $2,000-3,000 per month from just t-shirts through Printful.

How do I get started? Think of a niche, such as a popular TV show or genre then either create the designs yourself or hire a graphic designer to bring your ideas to life. Once you have the designs, create your Shopify store and link PrintFul to it and begin selling. You could have your first design online within a day. This t-shirt design I create within 10 minutes in Canva and uploaded it to my site within an hour. Seriously.


What is it? Modeling or Movie Extra

What do I have to do? If you are a visually appealing or unique person, then you could look into modeling for video or photography. If you are anywhere near a city, you can keep your eyes open for movies that are filming that need extras.

How much money can I make? Modeling can vary and you may need to do it for free until you can build a solid portfolio. It is really an open-ended on how much you could make though. If you are an extra in a movie you can expect anywhere from $50-300 depending on what is needed from you (such as hours of make-up). For me, just being in a movie would be enough though.

How do I get started? If you are looking to become a movie extra then visit Backstage to look at the current openings. If you are looking to make a little extra money through modeling, the most immediate thing you could do is find a local photographer through local groups, forums, meetups. You could also search for a local or regional modeling agency on a site like Model Management.


What is it? House Sitting

What do I have to do? Watch and monitor someone’s property while they are traveling. Sometimes it is just someone wanting you to watch their dogs, other times it is someone that needs their winter home tended to for a few months. This can be great if you are traveling and looking for free boarding.

How much money can I make? You can expect between $25-100 per day. 

How do I get started? Trusted Housesitters is popular in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. HouseSitter is popular in Canada and the United States. Create a profile and submit an application to become qualified to sit. The bigger the city you live in, the more opportunities.


What is it? Dropshipping

What do I have to do? You will need to find a product online through a website like AliExpress and create a platform to sell the product on. You will not actually hold any of the inventory, it will all be held at the manufacturer and they will ship once an order is placed. You just have to generate the demand for the product. Pro tip: If you are sourcing your product from China, be sure that you make it clear that shipping can take up to 3 weeks. You do not want unhappy customers.

How much money can I make? It is limitless. It all depends on how in demand the product you pick is, how much traffic you can drive to your product page, and the conversion rate of that product.

How do I get started? Go to AliExpress or a similar site and begin looking for a product that you can sell. Since there a ton of products on there, it can be very difficult to pick the right one. That is where you should consider some additional education to learn what to do and what not to do. If you have never read about drop shipping before, then you should check out this article on the Dropship Lifestyle blog.   


What is it? Brand Representative

What do I have to do? All you are doing is promoting someone else's brand or product. Sometimes this is called a brand ambassador. Usually, you are doing this on the weekend at a large event, such as a football game or outdoor event. Most of the time you will just be passing out free merchandise or typing to get people to interact with the brand and/or products.

How much money can I make? You can expect between $15-$40 per hour, depending on the event.

How do I get started? You can start by visiting Brand Ambassador World. There is a lot of content on how to get started and even a free course to help expedite the process of landing gigs.


Although these will get you some pocket change quickly, most of them are often not scalable to businesses that will support you exiting your day job. If you are looking for an idea for a side hustle that you can grow and scale, check out this blog post. I will take you through 7 questions to get you on the path to developing your own scalable side hustle business.

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